Episode #68 featuring The Harmed Brothers

Harmed Brothers-3

Coming to a town near you soon, The Harmed Brothers (l to r): Matthew McClure, Alex Salcido, Ray Vietti and Ryan Land. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

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Right there at the top of their tour schedule: The Helm!

Yes, that’s right, we were stop No. 1 (on 4/20, no less) as The Harmed Brothers launched an ambitious three-month tour that will take them from their home base of Portland, Oregon, all the way to Portland, Maine, U.S.A. And they brought their full touring quartet — with leaders Alex Salcido and Ray Vietti supported by bassist Matthew McClure and drummer Ryan Land — into The Helm for a fun interview and performance for Episode #68 of That Much Further West Podcast.

We had Alex and Ray as individual guests on the show last summer, so it was good to get the full Harmed Brothers experience this time around. On this episode they talk about their plans to release an EP some time this summer on Fluff & Gravy Records, the tour itinerary (including a stop to visit the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N. Y.), and some of the bands they expect to hook up with along the way.

They also talk about their coming together under the influence of the Dave Matthews Band and select a couple of songs (by ELO and Ryan Adams) that reveal what inspired them to become songwriters and also what’s been ringing in their heads recently. They also share some stories from their close relationship with podcast favorite and musical guru Willy Tea Taylor, who has been a guiding light for The Harmed Brothers in their larger family of Americana troubadours (including Tom VandenAvond and Soda Gardocki, among many others).

And after performing a handful of original songs and a lovely version of Happy Birthday for podcast gallery member Stacy, the boys were ready to hit the road outfitted with several bottles of hot sauce from Secret Aardvark Trading Company, our show sponsor.

Stay on top of all things Harmed at their website, including tour dates, and in the meantime, kick back and enjoy the show. Here’s the episode playlist:

A Letter To Lisa
State of Kansas
With Them Comes Hell (Live In The Helm)
Conversation (Live In The Helm)
Telephone Line, Electric Light Orchestra
If I Am A Stranger, Ryan Adams & The Cardinals
Under The Axe
Better Days
Where I’ve Always Been (Live In The Helm)

Harmed Brothers-15

The Harmed Brothers, launching their tour from The Helm. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

Episode #67 featuring Evening Bell

Evening Bell-2

Down from Seattle, it’s Evening Bell (l to r): Aaron Harmonson, Jason Merculief, Caitlin Sherman, Hart Kingsbery and Olie Eshleman. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

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Traffic at the Landmark Saloon in Portland came to a sudden halt last Thursday night as folks crowded the tiny dance floor to get their first listen and look at Evening Bell, one of Seattle’s finest up-and-coming bands and purveyors of Alt-Country Noir. Led by singers Caitlin Sherman and Hart Kingsbery, the band ripped through an inspired set of original music that kept the normally transient Landmark crowd riveted from opening notes.

Beforehand, Evening Bell stopped by The Helm to record Episode #67 of That Much Further West Podcast. Just off the road from a set of shows on the Washington coast, the full band set up shop and shared an interview and a pair of songs they’ve been refining on the road. With Aaron Harmonson playing bass, Jason Merculief working a slightly stripped down drum kit, Olie Eshleman plucking the pedal steel guitar and Sherman playing The Helm’s house piano, Kingsbery led the band through “Devil’s House” and “Prairie Calls,” the second of which will appear on their debut album to be released in the fall.

The band also talked about their rise from Seattle’s burgeoning country music scene and their plans to tour once the album is released in the fall. We also squeezed in a few of Evening Bell’s already-released songs, which can be heard at band’s website. Check there to stay on top of the band’s activity in and around the Pacific Northwest and be sure to look for the album and tour this fall.

Here’s the playlist:

Strange Mama
Devil’s House (Live In The Helm)
Prairie Calls (Live In The Helm)
Restless Angel
Dust Storm

Evening Bell-1

Evening Bell, all settled in at The Helm. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media


TMFWP Special — A conversation with Jesse Dayton


Renaissance Man: Texas-born singer, guitarist and filmmaker Jesse Dayton

Stream or download A Conversation with Jesse Dayton: Jesse Dayton

Jesse Dayton was baptized in the tradition of outlaw country and oozes Texas when he talks, plays and sings. But he’s always had his sights on the horizon and has developed a broader worldview on music and the arts.

Our own Mike Lee, co-host of That Much Further West Podcast, caught up for a chat with Jesse after a performance last year in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. The affable lads talked about the music they grew up with and how it shaped the wider variety of music they listen to and the artists they most admire today.


Natural born outlaw country singer Jesse Dayton

On this special episode, Jesse tells us about growing up in Texas, traveling the world, building a career in music and watching the Americana genre expand well beyond the country singer-songwriter realm from where he comes. He also talks about fighting to get Corey Feldman a part in Zombex, the 2013 film he wrote and directed that also features Lew Temple, Malcom McDowell and musical legends Kinky Friedman and John Doe.

Interspersed throughout the interview we share a batch of great music from Jesse, including a terrific take on the Townes Van Zandt classic “Loretta.” Be sure to follow Jesse’s whirlwind career at jessedayton.com and check him out as he embarks on a Western States tour with Supersuckers and Scott H. Biram in the coming weeks. He’ll be at Dante’s in Portland with Biram on Wednesday, April 27.

Here’s the playist for this podcast special:

Carmelita (Show Me How To Dance)
Think I’ll Go Out Tonight
We Lost It
One Of Them Days
Hey Nashvegas!
Wild Man From Borneo


Episode #66 featuring Kory Quinn

Kory Quinn, at home in the wilds of Eastern Oregon.

Stream or download Episode #66: Episode 66 w/ Kory Quinn

Not all that long ago, Kory Quinn was standing on the corner of Chicago and Western avenues in the Ukranian Village neighborhood in his native Chicago when he realized he was at a crossroads. Though tethered to life in the big city, the West was calling his name.

Fast forward through some bumps along the road and you’ll find Kory settled in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., where the talented singer-songwriter has established himself as one of the strongest voices on the local folk rock scene. Backed by some of Portland’s finest Americana players, young Mr. Quinn is building a following of fans who have come to love his boisterous performances and fun-loving, entertaining style.

Kory fits into the tradition of America’s greatest folk storytellers — names like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark come to mind immediately when listening to his music. He weaves his tales of outlaws, misery and corruption with a knowing eye for detail, and he can share a talking-blues with the best of them.

Kory Quinn-3

Kory Quinn (right) the quintessential David Lipkind performing in The Helm. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

On this episode of That Much Further West Podcast, Kory tells stories from his musical influences and his upbringing in Chicago, where his parents’ love of music and performance took hold of the boy at a very young age. He also speaks of his adoption into the folk circles of Eastern Oregon, where he found a kinship with the people who travel the great, open spaces to seek out entertainers who truly have something to say.

And accompanied here by his pal, harmonica “super natural” David Lipkind, Kory shares a number of songs that show off his terrific talent for vocal performance and word play. One listen to “Back To Oregon” and you’ll get a feel for the power and authenticity that Kory brings to the music.

We also share a couple of new songs that will be available when Kory releases his next digital album, appropriately titled “Chicago/Western.” To pre-order the digital release, visit Kory’s bandcamp site. And local folks should watch for Kory’s upcoming seven-day residency at Al’s Den in downtown Portland, kicking off on Sunday, April 24.

In the meantime, enjoy this latest podcast episode. Big thanks from us to Kory and Dave for bringing the musical goodness to The Helm.