Episode #47 featuring Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer


The one and only Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer re-visiting The Helm. Photo by Christopher Sohler (christophersohler.com)

Episode #47 with Morgan Geer

His home base these days is Asheville, N.C., USA, but the Pacific Northwest always keeps a light on for Morgan Geer of Drunken Prayer, our guest in The Helm for Episode #47. A longtime friend and favorite of the podcast, the Reverend Geer stopped by while doing a spate of shows — some solo, some with a filled out Drunken Prayer — in Oregon and Washington over the past few weeks.

In the course of our interview, Morgan talks about the different approaches he’s taken to the three Drunken Prayer records, the single he put out last year featuring songs by The Band and Willis Alan Ramsay, and the album he’s working on that will be coming out this summer on Fluff & Gravy Records. He also tells how he’ll be playing tour dates as a touring member of the seminal alt-country band Freakwater, which will be out supporting a new record on which Geer played guitar.


Love Looks Like A Master — Morgan Geer, laying it down at The Helm in April 2015. Photo by Christopher Sohler

Morgan also shared a few solo versions of songs to expect on the coming Drunken Prayer album — “Love Looks Like A Master” and “Machines.” He said the new record won’t be as lo-fi as the previous Drunken Prayer record, House of Morgan, but not necessarily “just another Drunken Prayer record.”

He’ll be back in the Pacific Northwest this coming summer to play some shows in support of the new record, so we’re pretty sure we haven’t heard the last of Morgan Geer here at That Much Further West Podcast. And we made sure to play a few cuts from the previous records to help you get a feel for the wonderfully varied rock and soul Morgan cranks out under the Drunken Prayer flag.

We also play some great songs from some more of our favorite bands, including Big Shoals, The Calamity Cubes, The Bottle Rockets and a pair of tunes from the new record by John Moreland. Co-host Phil Favorite even risks his street cred by sharing a song by The Gin Blossoms. Call it a guilty pleasure.

So here’s the song list for Episode #47. Just press play and enjoy!

12 Steps, Big Shoals
Jumper Cables, Widower
Love Looks Like A Master (Live In The Helm), Drunken Prayer
Machines (Live in The Helm), Drunken Prayer

Take This Hammer, Drunken Prayer
The Missionfield, Drunken Prayer
Kite, The Calamity Cubes
Radar Gun, The Bottle Rockets
Cheatin’, The Gin Blossoms
Black River, W.C. Beck
Vanport 1948, Lewi Longmire
Mirror Behind The Man, Kate Mann
Hang Me In The Tulsa County Stars, John Moreland
Heart’s Too Heavy, John Moreland

Episode #46 featuring Hip Hatchet


Philippe, the man known as Hip Hatchet, barside at The Helm. Photo by Christopher Sohler (christophersohler.com)

Episode #46 with Hip Hatchet

You can call him Philippe, or simply Phil, but the man known as Hip Hatchet is easily one of the best pickers and folk singers that we’ve had the pleasure of hosting in The Helm.

Our team first discovered Hip Hatchet at the 2013 Wildwood MusicFest and Campout and we’ve been following his progress ever since. Now ready with a fantastic new album titled “Hold You Like A Harness,” a long tour ready to launch and a release show planned for here in Portland this coming Friday at Secret Society, Hip Hatchet is poised to take his profile to a new level.

On this latest episode, we learn a little more about Philippe’s background growing up in New Jersey, his discovery of folk and country music during his college days, and the making of the new record with players from all over the country. We also get to experience the wonderful guitar playing and one-of-a-kind voice — described as “earthy” by co-host Eric Kotila —in live performances of two songs, including the title cut from the new record.


Phil from Jersey, Taylor in hand, entertaining our guests in The Helm. Photo by Christopher Sohler

With a three-month tour that will take him all over the country and up into Canada, Hip Hatchet is ready to take the world by storm with a record reflective of his terrific talent. Be sure to check him out when he rolls through your town, and if you’re here in Portland, catch him with a six-piece band this Friday at Secret Society.

We also share some great recorded music, some local to us here in Portland. Be sure to check out the tune from Malachi Graham, who celebrated the release of her new EP last week, as well as the songs from M. Lockwood Porter and Drunken Prayer, who will be a guests on the podcast in coming weeks.

Inspired by Hip Hatchet’s appearance on the show, co-host Mike Lee shared a set of songs featuring artists he discovered over the course of the first three Wildwood festivals, including Deadstring Brothers, C.W. Ayon and Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas.

So lots to enjoy on Episode #46. Dial it up, download it and dig in. Here’s the playlist:

Small Bird Song, Hip Hatchet
Hold You Like A Harness (Live in The Helm), Hip Hatchet
Joy of Repetition (Live in The Helm), Hip Hatchet
David’s Wolves, Hit Hatchet
Money Back, The Resolectrics
Pre-Code Blues, Malachi Graham
I Came Around, Possessed By Paul James
Good Time Gal, Copper & Coal
Chris Bell, M. Lockwood Porter
Cavalier, Shovels & Rope
Lucille’s Honky Tonk, Deadstring Brothers
Hollerin’ Mercy, Sidestreet Reny
Tired Oak, Jessica Hernandez & The Deltas
Catron Country Time, C.W. Ayon
Bible On The Dash (featuring Hayes Carll), Corb Lund
You Walk, Drunken Prayer
Remember Me, Fernando
AM Country Heaven, Jason Eady

TMFWP Special: An Evening with Tom VandenAvond


Buddies and touring mates: Alex Salcido (left) and Tom VandenAvond in The Helm. Photo by Christopher Sohler (www.christophersohler.com)

Listen to Tom VandenAvond’s performance at The Helm from 3-25-15:

Tom V. in The Helm

Listen to Tom’s interview with the hosts of That Much Further West Podcast:

Interview with Tom V.

Tom VandenAvond is one of our finest modern American troubadours, and a longtime favorite of That Much Further West Podcast. That’s why we were thrilled to have Tom and his touring mate, Alex Salcido of The Harmed Brothers, in for a special house show in The Helm on March 25.

Tom V. was touring the Pacific Northwest promoting his latest CD, “Endtimes,” a record he made with the help of one of the Pac NW’s best bands, Larry and His Flask. With Salcido riding shotgun and adding banjo and other goodies, the house show at The Helm leaned heavily on cuts from “Endtimes” and his two other terrific CDs, 2012’s “Wreck of a Fine Man” (see video below) and 2010’s “You Ought To Know Me By Now.” All three records come highly recommended by the podcast crew.


Tom V. with support from Marilee Hord and Alex Salcido.

You can almost hear the million road miles he’s covered in his raspy, whiskey-soaked voice as he entertains a small crowd of believers in The Helm. In our interview with the podcast hosts, Tom shared some tales from the road and how he ended up based in his current hometown of Knights Ferry, California, after a long stint in Austin, Texas. He also played a couple of bonus tunes accompanied by Salcido and our local friend Marilee Hord.

Enjoy the recordings and be sure to watch for Tom V. coming through your hometown soon. And follow all his comings and goings at tomvandenavond.com.