Episode #26 — Dolly & Friends


Dolly Parton, the chart-topping queen of country music


This week we give a quick but well-deserved nod to Dolly Parton, who topped the Billboard Country charts last week with the debut of her new album, Blue Smoke. At 68 years young, the incomparable Ms. Parton remains a vital artist and performer who still packs a wallop. We share her great new song “Home” in this week’s playlist.

Our hosts Eric, Mike and Phil had a great time getting together in The Helm in North Portland, drinking whiskey and rye and sharing tales of life in the Rose City. You’ll hear about the “Dark Elf,” a local character who leaped on the hood of a stranger’s stopped BMW and attacked it with a bamboo spear in broad daylight. Once tackled, subdued and hospitalized in a psych ward, the Elf stated his desire to slay the dragon (and no, that’s not a euphemism, at least not in this case).

Then there’s the story about Eric and his friends getting kicked out of a gluten-free brewery for wearing pretzels around their necks. Ah, life in Portland. It really can be like an episode of Portlandia, or a Red Fang video.

An even better part of life in Portland is the thriving live music scene we enjoy, and listeners will hear a lot about upcoming shows on this episode. May be a good idea to have your calendars out while listening — you almost need a scorecard to keep up with all the great shows coming our way.

In the end, it’s about the music and this week’s playlist is a doozy. You’ll hear great stuff from Tim Barry, Lydia Loveless, Possessed By Paul James, Sturgill Simpson and of course, Dolly. So have it and, as host Mike Lee would say, “Enjoy.”

Dog Bumped (Live), Tim Barry
Bleeding Blue, The Swearengens
Verlaine Shot Rimbaud, Lydia Loveless
Hurricane, Possessed By Paul James
Stockholm, Jason Isbell
Home, Dolly Parton
Think To Much, Root Jack
Nobody Gives A Damn About Songs Anymore, John Moreland
Voices, Sturgill Simpson
Good For You, Truckstop Darlin’
I Was Cruel, Caitlin Rose
Faithless Street, Whiskeytown
Our Hope, Ole Tinder
Another Bender Might Break Me, Hellbound Glory
We Are All Alone In This Together, Graham Lindsey
No Lonesome Tune, Townes Van Zandt

TMFWP Special: Catching Up With Matt Woods


The indomitable Matt Woods


“Don’t pick up that guitar, boy. It’ll only steer you wrong.” Words of wisdom in a letter from Brushy Mountain State Prison, a notorious little slice of hell in Tennessee that serves as ground zero for With Love From Brushy Mountain, the fantastic new album by singer-songwriter Matt Woods.

We’re thankful Matt didn’t heed such advice, but instead chose to grab his guitar, hit the road and share his terrific songs of love, longing, liquor and lies with an ever-growing audience of believers. As he sings on one of Brushy’s standout tracks, “It ain’t no living, it’s my life.”

Matt’s travels brought him through the Pacific Northwest in recent weeks, and our podcast hosts Mike Lee and Phil Favorite caught up with him and drummer Larry Fulford for a Monday night show at Dante’s in Portland. It was truly Matt Woods at his best. His burly, emotional vocal stylings and impressive acoustic guitar work combined with Fulford’s tasteful and booming rhythms for a unforgettably powerful performance.

After the show, the lads gathered for an interview where Matt talks about the anticipation that’s been building for the release of the new record, especially in light of the buzz created by the album’s advance single, “Deadman’s Blues.”

“Deadman’s Blues” was released last fall and, among other accolades, earned 2013 Song of The Year honors by the respected genre-watch blog Saving Country Music. Now it sits at the center of an 11-song LP that more than delivers on the promise of “Deadman’s” and is garnering universal praise as one of the year’s best records so far.

With the album release, Matt and Larry are streaking across the country with shows scheduled right through June. You can see the tour dates at Matt’s website, and while you’re there, order a copy of With Love From Brushy Mountain. You’ll be glad you did.

In the meantime, enjoy this podcast featuring a handful of tracks from the new record, a couple of rough live cuts from the Dante’s show and some select bits from Mike and Phil’s conversation with Matt and Larry.

Here’s the playlist:

With Love From Brush Mountain
Company Town (Live at Dante’s 5-12-14)
Interview, Part 1
Deadman’s Blues
Interview, Part 2
Ain’t No Living
Port St. Lucie (Live at Dante’s 5-12-14)
Interview, Part 3
Real Hard Times
Interview, Part 4
Lucero Song
Liberty Bell

Episode #25 featuring Ron Rogers


Ron Rogers and Deborah Giles, rendered in oils?

Episode #25 featuring Ron Rogers

We kick off this week’s podcast with an interview with a local treasure, the great singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron Rogers. Ron and his lovely bride Deborah Giles stopped by The Helm to give us an interview and play a few tunes from Ron’s impressive catalog.

Ron is the leader of one of Portland’s finest Americana bands, The Wailing Wind, who lay down some of the most consistently gooey grooves in town. Ron’s also a terrific storyteller, and during the interview he tells how his upbringing in Texas influenced his writing, and how his years working in the music business in Los Angeles helped frame his experience playing in the Portland music scene. He also talks about the concept behind the television show he’s developing featuring some of Portland’s best musicians.

He wrapped things up by grabbing an acoustic guitar and teaming with Deborah on a couple of a very nice original tunes, showing off the excellent wordplay that is a hallmark of his songwriting. Great stuff!

Ron and Deborah stuck around The Helm for a bit after the interview as our hosts took us through another awesome playlist of great tunes, including new music from Matt Woods, Sturgill Simpson and Old 97’s, and a batch of songs from bands on the Farmageddon Records roster.

So kick back, relax and enjoy. Here’s the playlist:

Alabama Chrome, Ron Rogers and the Wailing Wind
Interview with Ron Rogers
Hang Tough live in The Helm, Ron Rogers & Deborah Giles
Slave Boy live in The Helm, Ron Rogers & Deborah Giles
Oregon Girl, Michael Dean Damron
Selfish Man, Highlonesome
Up On Blocks, 44 Long
Fall Down Easy, Uncle Tupelo
Pitchfork, My Graveyard Jaw
Wolves (Live), American Aquarium
Wichita Skyline, Drag The River
Illinois, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats
Drinking To Forget, Matt Woods
One Of Them Days, Jake Ray
Life Of Sin, Sturgill Simpson
North, S.S. Web
Nashville, Old 97’s
Thistle-N-Thorns, The Hangdog Hearts
Friends in Bottles, The Takers

Episode #24 — ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!


Episode #24 — ¡Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo, folks! The lads gathered in The Helm for another fun-filled episode of wise-cracks, inappropriate language and great music, and to make it extra special, the team was joined by our “fun buddy” Kip, who added a touch of SoCal cool to the proceedings.

This week’s episode includes, among other things, Mike’s loving tribute to the late Adam Yauch, aka MCA of Beastie Boys. Turns out the Beasties were a big influence on Mike in his younger, better years, and he drops some knowledge about the Beasties and how their music impacted him during their rise to hip hop glory.

The crew also shares some info regarding a house show at The Barn here in Portland that Mike has put together featuring Possessed By Paul James and Tom VandenAvond. And speaking of house shows, if you’re reading this on Cinco de Mayo and live in Portland, the Deer Lodge is hosting a show tonight featuring the Sumner Brothers, who close out this episode with their song “Going Out West.”

We also have a Trio Bravo submitted by super listener Michelle Evans, who just happens to be celebrating her birthday today. Fans of our Facebook page might recognize Michelle from her alter-ego, “DearBen Nichols,” her ongoing tribute to the Lucero frontman. Happy Birthday, Michelle, and thanks for the great selections! Awesome stuff!

The episode also features new music from Matt Woods, Old 97’s and one of our favorite local acts, Jake Ray. So, without further adieu, “Let’s Get Drunk and Get It On.”

Here’s the playlist:

Let’s Get Drunk & Get It On, The Old 97’s
Pawned All My Freedom, Tom VandenAvond
Heaven Has No Vacancy, Lindi Ortega
Sabotage, Beastie Boys
Walls Of Our Home, C.W. Ayon
Like A California Wildfire, Deadstring Brothers
Four Wheels, Austin Lucas
Avoiding Catatonic Surrender, Tim Barry

Trio Bravo, three songs from listener Michelle Evans
Tiny Anchors, Matt Woods
Shake The Frost, Tyler Childers
Only Boy, Only Girl, Devon Stuart

Burnt Letters, Jake Ray
Gutter Queen,
Soda Gardocki
Rasputin & Me, Scotland Barr & The Slow Drags
Going Out West, The Sumner Brothers