Episode #25 featuring Ron Rogers


Ron Rogers and Deborah Giles, rendered in oils?

Episode #25 featuring Ron Rogers

We kick off this week’s podcast with an interview with a local treasure, the great singer/songwriter/guitarist Ron Rogers. Ron and his lovely bride Deborah Giles stopped by The Helm to give us an interview and play a few tunes from Ron’s impressive catalog.

Ron is the leader of one of Portland’s finest Americana bands, The Wailing Wind, who lay down some of the most consistently gooey grooves in town. Ron’s also a terrific storyteller, and during the interview he tells how his upbringing in Texas influenced his writing, and how his years working in the music business in Los Angeles helped frame his experience playing in the Portland music scene. He also talks about the concept behind the television show he’s developing featuring some of Portland’s best musicians.

He wrapped things up by grabbing an acoustic guitar and teaming with Deborah on a couple of a very nice original tunes, showing off the excellent wordplay that is a hallmark of his songwriting. Great stuff!

Ron and Deborah stuck around The Helm for a bit after the interview as our hosts took us through another awesome playlist of great tunes, including new music from Matt Woods, Sturgill Simpson and Old 97’s, and a batch of songs from bands on the Farmageddon Records roster.

So kick back, relax and enjoy. Here’s the playlist:

Alabama Chrome, Ron Rogers and the Wailing Wind
Interview with Ron Rogers
Hang Tough live in The Helm, Ron Rogers & Deborah Giles
Slave Boy live in The Helm, Ron Rogers & Deborah Giles
Oregon Girl, Michael Dean Damron
Selfish Man, Highlonesome
Up On Blocks, 44 Long
Fall Down Easy, Uncle Tupelo
Pitchfork, My Graveyard Jaw
Wolves (Live), American Aquarium
Wichita Skyline, Drag The River
Illinois, Jonathan Warren and the Billy Goats
Drinking To Forget, Matt Woods
One Of Them Days, Jake Ray
Life Of Sin, Sturgill Simpson
North, S.S. Web
Nashville, Old 97’s
Thistle-N-Thorns, The Hangdog Hearts
Friends in Bottles, The Takers

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