Live Music Portland



  • 12/13: Supersuckers with The Bellrays, Bombpops and Burn The Stage at Dante’s
  • 12/13: The HIllwilliams at White Eagle Saloon
  • 12/14: Charlie Parr with John Mark Nelson at Mississippi Studios
  • 12/14: Miller & Sasser with Zach Bryson at Spare Room
  • 12/15: The James Low Western Front at Laurelthirst Public House
  • 12/15: I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch In The House at Dante’s
  • 12/15: Andrea and The Enablers at Landmark Saloon
  • 12/21: Mexican Gunfight at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 12/22: Fluff N Gravy Holiday Party with Anna Tivel, Jeffrey Martin and Evan Way at White Eagle Saloon
  • 12/22: Jawbone Flats at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 12/23: Miller & Sasser at Landmark Saloon
  • 12/23: Kris Deelane and The Hurt at Spare Room
  • 12/28: Brad Parsons Band with Danny Barnes and TK and the Holy Know Nothings at Doug Fir Lounge
  • 12/29: Larry and His Flask with Jackalope Saints at Dante’s
  • 12/30: Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons with The Don of Division Street at Doug Fir Lounge
  • 12/30: Miller & Sasser at Starday Tavern
  • 12/31: Caleb Klauder Band with Western Centuries at Spare Room
  • 12/31: Kris Deelane & The Hurt at McMenamins Grand Lodge
  • 12/31: Jerry Joseph and the Jackmormons with Casey Neill and the Norway Rats
  • 12/31: Ural Thomas & The Pain with Aw Mercy! at East Portland Eagle Lodge 3256


  • 1/3: Bakersfield Rejects at White Eagle Saloon
  • 1/5: The Resolectrics at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 1/6: Pete Krebs and HIs Portland Playboys at Secret Society
  • 1/9: Miller & Sasser at White Eagle Saloon
  • 1/13: Lewi Longmire & The Left Coast Roasters at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 1/13: Silver Lake 66 with Daystar at Corkscrew Wine Bar
  • 1/15: Willy Tea Taylor with Tommy Alexander and Taylor Kingman at Mississippi Studios
  • 1/18: Mexican Gunfight at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 1/18: Randy Rogers Band at Crystal Ballroom
  • 1/19: Jawbone Flats at Rock Creek Tavern
  • 1/20: Stars of Cascadia with Rubella Graves and The Lonesomes at Kenton Club
  • 1/28: Banditos at Doug Fir Lounge

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