Episode #66 featuring Kory Quinn

Kory Quinn, at home in the wilds of Eastern Oregon.

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Not all that long ago, Kory Quinn was standing on the corner of Chicago and Western avenues in the Ukranian Village neighborhood in his native Chicago when he realized he was at a crossroads. Though tethered to life in the big city, the West was calling his name.

Fast forward through some bumps along the road and you’ll find Kory settled in our hometown of Portland, Oregon, U.S.A., where the talented singer-songwriter has established himself as one of the strongest voices on the local folk rock scene. Backed by some of Portland’s finest Americana players, young Mr. Quinn is building a following of fans who have come to love his boisterous performances and fun-loving, entertaining style.

Kory fits into the tradition of America’s greatest folk storytellers — names like Bob Dylan, Townes Van Zandt and Guy Clark come to mind immediately when listening to his music. He weaves his tales of outlaws, misery and corruption with a knowing eye for detail, and he can share a talking-blues with the best of them.

Kory Quinn-3

Kory Quinn (right) the quintessential David Lipkind performing in The Helm. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

On this episode of That Much Further West Podcast, Kory tells stories from his musical influences and his upbringing in Chicago, where his parents’ love of music and performance took hold of the boy at a very young age. He also speaks of his adoption into the folk circles of Eastern Oregon, where he found a kinship with the people who travel the great, open spaces to seek out entertainers who truly have something to say.

And accompanied here by his pal, harmonica “super natural” David Lipkind, Kory shares a number of songs that show off his terrific talent for vocal performance and word play. One listen to “Back To Oregon” and you’ll get a feel for the power and authenticity that Kory brings to the music.

We also share a couple of new songs that will be available when Kory releases his next digital album, appropriately titled “Chicago/Western.” To pre-order the digital release, visit Kory’s bandcamp site. And local folks should watch for Kory’s upcoming seven-day residency at Al’s Den in downtown Portland, kicking off on Sunday, April 24.

In the meantime, enjoy this latest podcast episode. Big thanks from us to Kory and Dave for bringing the musical goodness to The Helm.