Episode #31 — 2014 Wildwood Music Fest preview


Sunshine and canopies . . . it’s the Wildwood Music Fest & Campout in beautiful Willamina, OR . . . photo courtesy of our pal Chad Lanning.

Episode #31 — Wildwood preview 2014

It’s finally here . . . our favorite week of the year. If you’ve been listening to the podcast, you’ve heard our hosts going on at length about the Wildwood Music Fest & Campout, the best little music festival on the West Coast. This coming weekend, the lads are making the short trip from our home base in Portland to beautiful Willamina, OR, for the third annual Wildwood Fest, which opens this coming Friday.

This year’s event is bigger and better than ever . . . but again, not too big. The intimacy of the event is what makes Wildwood a special weekend for all involved: a great team of organizers and volunteers, the wonderful cast of talented performers and the good folks who buy the tickets, set up camp and take in the great sounds and sunshine.

Our That Much Further West Podcast hosts will serve as MCs for the event and also will be gathering interviews and private performances throughout the weekend to share with you on later podcasts. As usual, this year’s musical lineup includes not only some of our best friends and favorite local artists, but a bevy of great new national acts that we’re looking forward to seeing and learning more about. And the guys can’t wait to see you there!

For the record, sources confirm there are still a handful of tickets available for the festival. You can buy them and also get all the important information about the festival at www.wildwoodmusicfest.com.

If you’re heading to this year’s festival, Episode #31 is a chance to familiarize yourself with a great number of the acts that will be performing. If you can’t make it, well, you have our sympathies but at least you can dig into this podcast to hear what you’ll be missing.

So have at it folks. Here’s the playlist for our Wildwood Music Fest 2014 preview.

Keep On Crowin’, The Resolectrics
The Wind, Brothers Of The Last Watch
The Illness Song, Right On John
Angelyne, Fernando
Make Me Wanna, C.W. Ayon
Victory Dance, Lone Madrone
Sara Jean, Jonathan Warren and The Billy Goats
Roll My Head Around, Otis Heat
Wall Flower, The Grizzled Mighty
15 White Horses, Hillstomp
The Travelin’ Kind, Tom VandenAvond
Midnight On A Monday, Anna Tivel
Let Me Drink Alone Tonight, Graham Lindsey
Mojave, Hymn For Her
Don’t Take My Baby Away, The Haunted Windchimes
Life Is Beautiful, Willy Tea Taylor
Westbound Rattler, Charlie Parr
Dead Man’s Hand, Root Jack
Tired Oak, Jessica Hernandez and The Deltas
Closed Doors, Larry And His Flask