Episode #70 featuring Aaron Lee Tasjan

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The man with the folky jams, Aaron Lee Tasjan on the Bear Couch at The Helm. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media

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Back in the summer of 2014, blossoming East Nashville singer-songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan took up residency at the Crystal Hotel in downtown Portland for a string of dates at the hotel’s tiny basement bar, Al’s Den.

Over the course of the week, Tasjan was inspired to write a song, “Lucinda’s Room,” that would later turn up on his critically acclaimed album of last year, “In The Blazes.” The residency was also an introduction for our hosts at That Much Further West Podcast, who quickly championed the Ohio-born player as one to watch on the Americana rock and folk scene.

Fast forward to Spring 2016 — Tasjan has risen to prominence among the elite of the burgeoning Americana scene. The success of the independently released “In The Blazes” has helped him earn a new deal with New West Records, and his growing reputation has won him a following among the successful, well-traveled artists that have influenced him along the way.

We caught up with Aaron Lee during his recent swing through the Pacific Northwest — this time with an impressive full band in tow — and corralled him into The Helm for a podcast interview and performance.

He talks about the humbling success of “In The Blazes,” his upbringing in a house full of poetry and life in his adopted hometown of East Nashville, the new epicenter of alt-country. He also shares live performances of three songs, including two expected to be on “Silver Tears,” an album due to hit the streets in October.

We think, listening to this podcast, this truth will hold self-evident: Aaron Lee Tasjan kicks ass. His rare combination of singing, songwriting, stunning guitar playing and aw-shucks charm bode well for success in the coming years.

So dial it up, download it and share it with your friends — it’s Episode #70. Enjoy!

Here’s the playlist:

American Tan
Memphis Rain (Live In The Helm)
The Dangerous Kind
The Trouble With Drinkin’ (Live In The Helm)
Get Gone
Ready To Die (Live In The Helm)
Don’t Walk Away
Lucinda’s Room
Not Punk
Made In America

Aaron Lee Tasjan

ALT in The Helm, bringing the folky East Nashville goodness. Photo by Anne Marie for Local Hero Media


TMFWP Special: Catching up with Aaron Lee Tasjan


Aaron Lee Tasjan, looking slightly less shaggy than he did last month opening for The Mastersons at Mississippi Studios in Portland.












Listen to Aaron Lee Tasjan’s performance at Mississippi Studios from Feb. 17, 2015:

Aaron Lee Tasjan at Mississippi Studios, 2-17-15

Listen to an interview with Aaron Lee after the show:

Interview with Aaron Lee Tasjan, 2-17-15

Armed with his trusty six-string acoustic, aw-shucks charm and a handful of fantastic songs, 20-something singer/slinger/songwriter Aaron Lee Tasjan stepped on the stage at Mississippi Studios in Portland last month ready to kill. And kill he did.

Currently on tour opening for New West recording artists The Mastersons, ALT proved himself as powerful a solo artist as he is fronting a full rockin’ band. His clever songwriting and nimble, innovative guitar work were on full display during a short, seven-song set featuring just one tune from his terrific 2014 EP “Crooked River Burning.”


ALT, fully bearded and coming to a town near you soon.

A recent move to East Nashville, Tennessee, has led to an inspirational explosion for ALT, who’s been touring all over the states since the start of 2015. Over the coming months, he’ll be putting the finishing touches on his new full-length record, the crowd-funded “In The Blazes.”

After the Portland show, ALT sat down with podcast co-host Phil Favorite for a chat about life on the road, his plans for the rest of 2015, an update on the new record and a recent full-band performance that was taped for the internet at Electric Lady Studios in New York City (see bottom of this post).

At That Much Further West Podcast, we’re expecting big things for this terrific young artist in the years to come. Look for him later this month at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, and on the road with Chuck Mead (of BR549 fame) in the Spring. Meanwhile, we hope you enjoy our crowd bootleg and interview.

Here’s the setlist from Aaron Lee’s performance at Mississippi Studios:

1. Madonnas From America
2. Don’t Walk Away
3. East Nashville Song About A Train
4. Please Forgive Me, Ohio
5. American Tan
6. Living Proof
7. 66 Dollar Blues