Review of When The Darkness Come by Michael Dean Damron


When the Darkness Come, Michael Dean Damron (2015, Sad Crow)

I am listening to When The Darkness Come by Michael Dean Damron. This is Mike D’s fifth solo album over the past 10 years and he has more albums with his kick-ass rock band, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House. There is a certain thread of melancholy, despair and darkness running through Mike D’s songs. I don’t feel depressed when I listen, however. There is a pool of tears right below the surface and I struggle to keep them from overflowing when I understand that Mike speaks for a whole lot of people in this world.

Listen to “The Butcher” The Butcher

A troubadour on the slow march to Hades, Mr. Damron gives us a soundtrack about life in our current state of affairs. We are all the common man or woman trying to make it work against great odds. Mike is a lifetime musician on the constant struggle to scratch together a living with his music. He is a monster on stage performing yet thankful and humble for all he gets from each song, performance and fan. His songs and his music make me realize the struggle is real for the plumber, the cook, the dancer, the mechanic and all of us trying to make sense of what is happening around us.

Listen to “Simmer In The Pot” Simmer in the Pot

We need sad songs. We need songs that are not afraid to go out in the rain and stroll on a dreary, grey day. There is beauty and life in these moments just as much as the upbeat, sun-shiny songs. I encourage you to listen to this collection of 11 songs collectively called When The Darkness Come but don’t forget to wear your raincoat.

Listen to “Now You’re In The Mud” Now You’re in the Mud

So it goes.

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