Episode #3 with the Matt Woods interview


Matt Woods


Episode # 3 with the Matt Woods interview

And off we go with Episode #3 and a big couple of weeks of live music staring us in the face. It’s me, Philly again, sharing some notes and thoughts from our latest podcast, taped live last week at The Helm, our secret hideout in North Portland.

A little late with the blog this week because I’ve been buried in live shows all weekend, including Sunday night’s TMFWP team-building field trip to the Lucero show at Mississippi Studios. I’m sure you’ll be hearing more about this grand event in our next episode. To say the least, the show was a little disappointing. It was Lucero’s second show of the day, it started really late, and frontman Ben Nichols was admittedly too drunk to sing or play. Mike and Eric were pretty bummed because they both love Lucero and they wanted the show to kick my ass. Needless to say, it didn’t, though I can see how I probably would have liked it had Nichols been able to keep it together. Alas . . . best team-building moment came when some smacked-out twerp idiot threatened to punch me in the face (for reasons still unknown to me) only to have big Mike step in and explain his options: back off, or die. Eric played peace maker. It was all pretty funny. Spent the rest of the show waiting for a brawl to break out, and hoping I could avoid it. It was one of those nights . . . super drunk crowd . . . you had to have your antennae up.

Anyways, back to this week’s show. We got some really great new music, a cool interview with the great singer and songwriter Matt Woods, and a Trio Bravo from our buddy Bryan Childs of Ninebullets.net. Here’s the playlist:

Playlist for Podcast No. 3 (recorded 10-2-13)

That Much Further West (show theme song), Lucero

Iron Road, Old 97’s with Waylon Jennings

The Very Best, The Harmed Brothers

Unhinged, The Drams

Hopeless, Riviera

The Travelin’ Kind, Tom VandenAvond

My Rolling Wino, Whiskey Folk Ramblers

Murphy Bed, Matthew Lindley

Gin, Smoke, Lies, The Turnpike Troubadours

Louisiana Beauty Queen, American Aquarium

Postcards and Apologies, I Can Lick Any Sonofabitch in the House

Interview with Matt Woods


TRIO BRAVO (three songs picked by Bryan Childs of Ninebullets.net)

Zip City, Drive-By Truckers

Feed The Family, Possessed By Paul James

Amy’s In The Kitchen, Left Lane Cruiser


Used To It Now, Hearts Of Oak

Jail Free, Rich West Blatt & The Once In A While Sky

Recovery, Frank Turner

For Awhile, The Swearengens

Blood On My Hands, Old Man Markley

Birmingham, Shovels & Rope

Hot Denver #1, Denver

Joe Hill’s Ashes, Otis Gibbs

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