Episode #1 with Kris Stuart of Root Jack


Kris Stuart


Episode #1 with Kris Stuart from Root Jack

Welcome to the first post for the new That Much Further West Podcast blog. It’s me, Phil Favorite, the newly added producer and co-host, sharing some thoughts, insights and information as a supplement to the podcast. I heartily accepted an invitation from Eric Kotila and Mike Lee to join the team, and it’s been a blast so far. I worked with the boys at the Wildwood Music Festival in July corralling and conducting interviews of the many bands who played the event, and now have survived our first show as a trio!

We’ve decided to change the format from an internet radio show to a podcast to give us the flexibility to gather interviews, present guests and share music on our own schedule. Also, we expect to change the format from time to time: our first show was set up in the standard fashion, a two-hour blast of rollicking music and silly humor with friends and guests joining in. At times, we’ll also be doing shorter podcasts that will focus on single themes such as big concerts, new releases, special guests and maybe even the local Portland shows that will be presented under our TMFWP flag. On that note, expect to hear a lot about our regular monthly showcase at the Alberta Street Pub in Portland, happening on the second Thursday of every month and featuring bands that fit the TMFWP profile, meaning they’re tangy, twangy, raucous and rockin’.

You’ll also be hearing a lot about our new digs: we’ll be holed up in a private bar in North Portland and outfitted with the essentials: a cold keg of Rainier and enough bourbon to kill an elephant. You may notice the direct effects of this new arrangement in the second hour of this first show. It’s sloppy from the start, but gets better (for the most part) as we go on.

One thing definitely remains the same from the old show. We’re gonna share it with you warts and all. All the tapings will be live with no editing, so our many gaffes will be there for you to mock and enjoy. We launch the first show with a pretty good whopper, but our ears were pinned and there was no turning back.

So let’s get started, eh? Here’s the playlist from the first show:

Playlist for Podcast No. 1 (9-18-13)

That Much Further West (show theme song), Lucero
Long Lonely Ride, Deadstring Brothers
Stars & Gutters, Two Cow Garage
Get Up Jake, The Band
War With Hell, The Hooten Hallers
Alone in Memphis, Austin Lucas
Traveling Alone, Jason Isbell
What Do I Know, Jackrabbit
Let’s Go Burn Ole Nashville Down, Jello Biafra (with Mojo Nixon)
The Very Beginning, The Sadies

Kris Stuart of Root Jack (solo acoustic)
Think Too Much
Johnny Ray Dupree, Matt Woods

3:59am, John Moreland

TRIO BRAVO (three songs picked by Kip Lindig of WhistlePunk!)
Come Pick Me Up, Ryan Adams
Black Rose, Waylon Jennings
No Sense In Lovin’,  Uncle Tupelo

Another Fine Mess, Have Gun, Will Travel
Mr. Fly, Mike Coykendall
I Think I’ll Stay Here And Drink, Merle Haggard
Bastard Child, Hellbound Glory
Lost In The Trees, Richmond Fontaine

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